Your donation helps fund high school music, our K9 heroes, and a host of other community programs, including:

  • The Honor Our Fallen Tribute Concert
  • Social and sporting activities for visiting service members
  • Fleet Week's Center for Humanitarian Assistance
  • Education programs for joint civilian/military disaster response missions
  • Community-focused events, such as visits by the troops to senior centers and food banks

San Francisco Fleet Week Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that partners with private entities and local, state and federal agencies to produce the annual San Francisco Fleet Week Air Show, Parade of Ships, and facilitates annual disaster preparedness training with the Navy, Marines and local first responders.

When you donate to San Francisco Fleet Week, you will help bring together military and civilian leaders, first responders, non-governmental and private sector organizations to help prepare for emergency preparedness, response and recovery in your community. In addition, your donation will also go towards great events such as K9 Heroes, Honor Our Fallen Tribute Concert, Interfaith Services, Airshow and Humanitarian Village.

San Francisco Fleet Week is built on the pillars of Troops, Community and Humanitarianism. Your tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit San Francisco Fleet Week Association keeps these pillars standing firm.

Troops – Fleet Week celebrates the men and women serving in our nation’s military. Softball tournaments, entertainment and hospitality are all part of the welcoming Fleet Week provides. Veterans and currently serving display their artwork at the annual Fleet Week Art Exhibit and community service and interaction are popular program as well.

Community – Over a million people view the Fleet Week Air Show and the Parade of Ships. Fleet Week also creates the Humanitarian Assistance Village and the STEM Education Center, ship tours and neighborhood concerts as just part pf the many educational and entertainment opportunities for the public. By giving over $300K through the high school band challenge, Fleet Week has helped save youth music programs in schools throughout the region.

Humanitarianism – The Fleet Week Center for Humanitarian Assistance organizes training and education programs on joint civilian/military humanitarian assistance and disaster response. The programs have saved lives at home and abroad and has better prepared our nation for a coordinated response between military and civilian agencies.