October 10, 2020

10:30 AM PDT

Naval Portal to the Pacific
The Navy’s Century on Treasure and Yerba Buena Islands

Five months after the world’s fair, with its theme of Pacific Unity, closed its doors in September 1940, the U.S. Navy took over Treasure Island and prepared for a Pacific war. The island soon became a primary point of embarkation for personnel going to and from the Pacific Theater. But the Navy was here before the island was, since the 1898 establishment of a Naval Training Station on adjoining Yerba Buena Island. Historic officers’ quarters from 1900 remain there today, along with a Coast Guard station dating to 1875. After World War II, Treasure Island continued as a training and administrative headquarters for over half a century until shut down by base closure in 1997. Learn about the island’s long Naval history and the historic footprint that remains.

Speaker: Rear Admiral Tom Andrews, USN is a member of the Board of the Treasure Island Museum. His naval career spanned 31 years, including commanding the Logistics Task Force, Pacific, and a deployment in the Indian Ocean during the Iranian Hostage Conflict in 1980.


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