Discover Fleet Week 2018!

Stay updated on the Air Show performers, schedule and even listen to the show live. Explore The Zone, where interactive humanitarian assistance displays and a new STEM education center come together in an engaging and unique experience, along with the chance to win great prizes. Don’t forget to check out the Parade of Ships, AT&T K-9 Heroes Bark at the Park, and the High School Band Challenge.

  • Discover the humanitarian assistance and STEM displays in The Zone
  • Listen to the Air Show Live
  • See what’s happening when and where
  • Navigate your way around The Zone and the Air Show
  • Plan your travels
  • Buy tickets
  • Take a selfie with a sailor
  • Buy a sailor (a burger)
  • Military personnel: explore places offering courtesies
  • Keep up to date with social media
  • Stay up to date with important announcements

Enjoy the event of the year in San Francisco, drawing millions of visitors each year, to honor the contributions of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, and help connect visitors to the civilian- and military-based Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response personnel.